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Map of French Cheese


There are so many topics I am trying to research, such as – what molecules give cheese the flavors we perceive? what kind of research is Mother Noella Marcellino doing? and What’s the purpose of using cheese cloth in a clothbound cheese?

This post is about none of those.  Not one to let old habits die, I logged into my ArcGIS online account once again and began making a map – a map of French cheese.

Each pin is a different cheese marked at it’s approximate location in France.  Click on the pin to see information about the cheese’s consistency, milk type, and year it was awarded AOC status (if applicable.)  It’s a work in progress as I hope to add more cheeses, perhaps more information, and create maps of cheeses in other countries as well.

Please click on the link below to see the map and check out the terroir of your favorite cheeses!

:: Cheese ‘locations’ are only as accurate as the region ::

Click Here! for the Map of French Cheese