Cultivation of a Cheesemonger

A Blog of Cheese Culture and Cultures


Cheyenne and myself

Hello, my name is Mia Vergari and I am a cheesemonger apprentice at a cheese shop in Manhattan.

I quit my job as a GIS analyst seven months ago with an appetite to become a cheesemonger that I could no longer suppress. So, on March 13th, 2012 I packed up my bag and left the U.S. to volunteer on dairy farms in Italy and travel Europe eating cheese in order to gain the skills and knowledge I thought I would need to help me get into the cheese industry. When I returned to the states five months later, I was offered a job in New York City.

I learn things every day and  post them here. This blog is for all of you gastrogeeks and cheeseophiles who want to come along on an educational cheese adventure with me.

Here are a few videos of my dairy-adventures around Europe

Dairy Farms

An inside look at Podere Il Casale,  the first agritourismo farm and caseificio where I volunteered (

The second farm, a small sheep milk dairy in Cutrofiano, Italy (

The third, in Montefiascone, Italy (



One thought on “Origins

  1. what a fascinating profession Mia! bet you’ve learned tons!

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